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Welcome to CoWorking Devon

You've arrived, what next?

Welcome to CoWorking Devon! We're excited to have you for your free trial day. Here's a quick guide to help you settle in:

🔒 Internet Access:

  • Network Name: CoWorking Devon

  • Password: CWD-wifi


☕ Kitchen Essentials:

  • Help yourself to a range of teas, coffees, and decaf options.

  • Microwave available for your convenience.

  • Two fridges – check both for milk! We've got soy and oat milk too.


💺 Choose Your Spot:

  • Feel free to pick any desk you like. Early birds get the best choices!

  • Help yourself to a single screen that we have in the lobby as you walk in under the tall sideboard with the leaflets on. These have leads, pick one up and get going.


🔇 Quiet Zone:

  • Need a private call? Head to the upstairs loft. Calls in the open space are cool too! You wont interrupt anyone we promise!


💧 Hydration Station:

  • Water cooler available for a quick refresh.

  • Feel free to use Alexa for some background tunes.


📊 Conference Room:

  • Need a lunch spot or hosting a short meeting? Check out the conference room just before the kitchen space with the big dining table (up to 1 hour).


🚫 Private Spaces:

  • Back offices are private. Please respect the hired spaces.


❓ Anything Missing?

  • If we're out of something, just ask. We've got your back!


🧣 Stay Cozy:

  • Blankets in the weave basket on the right hand side as you walk in to the open space past the lobby - for those chilly days!


👋 Meet & Greet:

  • Introduce yourself to the awesome CoWorking Devon community. They can't wait to meet you!


🌐 Pricing Plans:

  • Check out our pricing plans on the 'Workspaces' page here.


💸 Special Offer:

  • Don't forget your 50% off coupon! Use it within 30 days on any plan found here (excluding weekend studio hire).


🎉 Explore More:

  • Interested in our studio space for events or workshops? Check it out here.


🕘 Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 9 am (we will be open around 8.45 am to help people log on by 9 am) to 5:30 pm. No weekend access.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Enjoy your day with us!

photo of full height windows

Photography - Ave Collective

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