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Desk Space Rental in Buckfastleigh: Working within a flexible community

Welcome to our Desk Space Rental, where simplicity meets flexibility. With easy online booking, various plans, and access to amenities like fast broadband and a pet-friendly environment, your ideal workspace is within reach. Explore, book, and thrive hassle-free. Your perfect workspace journey starts here and choose from a range of price-plans with a 30-day expiry!

Desk Space Rental

How do the desks work?

Having flexibility is our key focus. Although we want people to feel comfortable with coming in when they please, we offer various pricing structures to keep the community full and vibrant with long-standing coworkers to build those networks and relationships.​

self-booking is at your fingertips. Purchase credits, access your account, and effortlessly book any of our 12 desks. Manage everything yourself online — reschedule, cancel, and keep tabs on invoices and availability, all conveniently from your account. Choose ANY a desk (no desk is reserved - free for all!), show up, and focus on what matters.

Choose the plan that suits you:

  • Single Day: For a quick desk space fix.

  • 4x, 8x, 12x Days: Flexibility for your schedule.

  • Unlimited Plan: Non-stop access.

Each plan lasts for 30 days from the day you've ordered it, offering the right fit for your coworking needs. Simple, straightforward. Due to the demand of our space, we do not offer half-days, sorry!

Desk rental space in the office
View out of the double barn doors

What's the booking process?

Seamlessly navigate your desk space experience using our intuitive online calendar found on our bookings page. Explore the real-time availability of our 12 desks with the freedom to choose your spot and book at your convenience.

Your desk space control is just a few clicks away:

  • Begin by registering as a member.

  • Select a plan and acquire credits.

  • Use our online calendar on the bookings page.

Our plans are designed for flexibility, lasting 30 days with no auto-renewal, except for the unlimited plan. Check in within our office hours from 9 am (we will be open from 8.45am) to 5:30 pm, and make use of the conference room for client meetings or meals.

Effortlessly manage your bookings, staying in the loop with CoWalks, CoHikes, socials, and network events through our user-friendly app or website.

The extras?

Welcome to a desk space that goes beyond desks.


At CoWorking Devon, you're not just renting a spot; you're embracing an environment designed for your comfort and productivity.

Explore more with access to full kitchen facilities, a handy printer, a cozy breakfast/dining space, and hassle-free free parking.


Stay connected with lightning-fast broadband speeds of 1000mb up/down - with Ethernet options available too.


Our open-plan spaces are bathed in natural indirect light, creating a vibrant atmosphere complemented by the warmth of a beautiful wood burner. And yes, we're dog-friendly—because we believe in a desk space that feels like home. That is well-behaved dogs of course! 

Choose a desk space that aligns with your lifestyle. It's not just about the work; it's about where you work. Ready to make your move?

Would you fancy hiring the whole studio out to arrange your own event?

Fire place view in the open space
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