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CoWorking Devon short-walks

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Lunchtime Adventures: 5 Quick Walks from the office

Hey, fellow CoWorking Devoner's! Tired of the same old lunch routine? We've got your back with five epic 'short walks' that'll have you crushing those breaks like a pro. We've been asked a few times recently by new members whether there are any closeby walks that can be reached from the office, so, here they are!

Buckfastleigh's the spot, and we've scoped out the coolest trails for you. Ready to dive into the Buckfastleigh Town Trail, chill out in the sun at Buckfast Abbey Grounds, and get your nature fix with the River Dart Country Park Loop? Time to swap that office chair for some lovely short-walk adventures that can all be done over your lunch break!


No.1 - Nursery Pool Bridge

The quickest and easiest walk to do from your desk at CWD, this quiet country lane leads you into the quiet Devon countryside and offers (steep) 'access' down to a beautiful area of the everflowing River Dart.

Follow our map below for the way or ask either Jack or Isla where to go! Note - if you do want to go down to the river, you can do so by going through the frequent gaps in the mental fencing and clambering down the bank. It's worth the climb down, but watch you don't fall over!


No.2 - Buckfast Abbey Grounds Walk

buckfast abbey cathedral sunny day

Got 45 minutes to spare? Take a breather at Buckfast Abbey – it's a 25-min walk from the office or a 4-min drive to the car park.

The gardens at the Abbey are a mini oasis. Think calm vibes, well-kept lawns, and heaps of history in the surrounding buildings and the stunning Abbey Church

There are three main garden areas at Buckfast, each offering something different; the Sensory Garden, Lavender Garden, and Physic Garden.

Ponds reflect the greenery around, and the whole place is designed with 'zen' in mind. Visit the Listen up for birds – they're everywhere here.

Best part? You don't need to be a nature guru. The paths are easy, and it's perfect for a quick in-and-out during lunch. Bring a buddy from the office or go solo – either way, it's a solid recharge. There's also a nice cafe and a couple of places to grab a pizza or other quick food!

Once you're back, you'll be surprised at how a short wander can reset your brain. Buckfast Abbey Grounds: where work stress takes a timeout.


No.3 - Buckfastleigh Vibes: Town Trail Unveiled

Buckfastleigh town in the high street looking up

Ready for a quick adventure in Buckfastleigh? Let's roll – it's only 30 minutes (15 mins to the top of town and back!) and practically right out the office door and gives you a great sense of what this small friendly town is all about.

Head out and make your way towards the town centre. You are only about a 10-min walk before you reach the bottom of the high street (fore street) which is directly opposite you as you reach the main road. Start to walk up through town past the small green/park and you'll eventually reach the Buckfasteligh Town Centre.

As you mosey along, you'll notice the cool mix of old and new buildings. It's like a time-travel stroll without funky clothes.

Don't forget to eye the local shops – they're part of the charm. Window shopping totally counts on this tour. There are cafes, a post office, a veg shop, a hair salon, pubs, a Co-Op and also parking in the centre.

This trail keeps it real – you'll get a good stretch without feeling like you've run a marathon. Perfect if you're low on time but high on need for fresh air.

And guess what? When you return to your desk, you'll have a dash of Buckfastleigh spirit in your step. Quick, easy, and buckets of local vibes – that's the Buckfastleigh Town Trail for you.


No.4 - Easy Loop at River Dart Country Park

River Dart swim spot in summer

Feeling like an hour's break? Here's a cool spot nearby – River Dart Country Park. It's a loop trail that you can finish in about an hour - you just need to drive there but its only 10-mins through Ashburton.

Get started by heading to the park's entrance. The path takes you through woods and along the river – pretty chill stuff. It's like a mini adventure, nature-style.

As you wander, you'll see trees, maybe spot some critters, and definitely catch some fresh air. The river adds a nice backdrop – makes you forget about those spreadsheets, right?

Don't worry if you're not a hardcore hiker. This walk is laid-back, so you won't need fancy gear. Just comfy shoes and a bit of curiosity.

By the time you're back, you'll have done a full nature lap and cleared your head. It's the kind of breather that's worth it. So grab that opportunity for a nature high-five at River Dart Country Park.


No.5 - Hembury Woods Wander: Nature's Playground

Hembury woods walk showing dappled light

Looking for a lunchtime adventure that's all about the great outdoors? Hembury Woods in Buckfast has got you covered. In about 7-mins in the car, you'll be hiking through lush woods and the most beautiful dappled light, soaking up the green vibes, letting go of any work stresses you might have.

Once you're in, it's a total nature playground. The many paths are there, and they're ready to lead you through the trees, over streams, and into a world of birdsong and ever-changing seasons. No walk is the same here. This is your chance to tap into your inner explorer without needing a fancy compass.

Snap some woodland photos for your social, embrace the tranquillity, and let the woods work their magic on your lunchtime spirits. Don't stress about time – an hour is plenty to make a lap and be back before the office calls. When we do this on our CoWalk days we can leave, walk and return back to the desk all within the hour.

By the time you return, you'll be carrying a piece of Hembury Woods with you. The crunch of leaves underfoot, the dance of sunlight through trees – it's all the rejuvenation you need to own the rest of the day.

So, lace up those shoes and let Hembury Woods work its nature therapy. Lunch breaks just got wilder! 🌲🥪🚶‍♀️


Conclusion: Embrace the Lunchtime Escape

These walks aren't just about stretching your legs; they're about feeding your soul with fresh air, natural beauty, and a break from the usual hustle.

Whether you're exploring Buckfastleigh's streets, getting calmer at Buckfast Abbey, looping through River Dart Country Park, or diving into the Hembury Woods river (Look out for our Co Swims on our events page), each adventure is a chance to reset, recharge, and return to work with a clearer mind and a lighter spirit. So, don those walking shoes, let go of stress, and embrace the magic of these nearby escapes. Your lunch break has just become the highlight of your day! 🌳🥪🚶‍♂️

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