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Spotlight on Annemieke Goldswain-Hein: Capturing Essence Through the Lens:

Annemieke portrait photo

Spotlight on Annemieke Goldswain-Hein. At CoWorking Devon in Buckfastleigh, we are thrilled to host Annemieke Goldswain-Hein for a special one-day event. With a career spanning over 16 years and encompassing work in the Netherlands, South Africa, and the UK, Annemieke has established herself as a distinguished photographer specialising in Brand, Portrait, and Lifestyle photography.

 "The experience of living and working in different cultures has shaped me as a person and pushed me to develop my creative journey,"

Annemieke's examples of work

Annemieke's journey with photography began in 2004 while studying for a BA in photography in the Netherlands. This path has taken her across continents, enriching her portfolio and creative perspective. This diverse background is evident in her extensive portfolio, which includes Lifestyle, Portrait, and Editorial photography for a range of clients, from business owners and magazines to lifestyle brands and designers.

After moving to the UK four years ago, Annemieke continued to grow her photography business, focusing on helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives, and professionals strengthen their online presence. Her photography captures the essence of her subjects, creating soulful, engaging images that resonate with audiences.

"My aim is to capture the essence of you and your brand with considered and crafted imagery that sets the tone of your brand and communicates your core values."

Annemieke's passion for her work extends beyond the camera. She offers image consulting services to help clients convey the right message in our visually-driven world. This approach not only builds credibility and trust but also ensures that each client's unique story is told authentically.

"It is so important to stand out from the crowd and to create an emotional connection with your clients with authentic imagery" 

Currently based in Totnes, Annemieke travels nationally and worldwide for her work. Her target audience is as diverse as her portfolio, including small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, yogis, business coaches, psychologists, wellness experts, strategists, designers, corporate CEOs, dancers, writers, and musicians. She connects with her audience through various digital platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and her website.

A year ago, Annemieke began hosting Portrait Days in response to a growing demand from clients seeking to boost their online presence with engaging portraits. These sessions are designed to be affordable and accessible, perfect for those new to being photographed or who prefer short sessions.

 "The sessions are ideal for people who would like to get used to the process of being photographed or prefer short photo sessions"

Looking ahead, Annemieke is excited about offering these sessions regularly in different parts of South Devon, continuing to connect with old and new clients. She is also launching a new package that provides clients with year-round brand photography, utilising the seasons to keep a business’s brand image fresh and engaging. This innovative package offers a large bank of images for social media, websites, and other marketing materials, ensuring that clients can maintain an active and visually appealing online presence throughout the year.

 "I work closely with each client to understand their vision, their values, and the essence of their business, which is reflected in the work I make," she explains.

Creativity and authenticity are at the heart of Annemieke's work. She thrives on connecting and collaborating with ethical businesses and individuals passionate about making a positive impact. This personalised approach ensures that each shoot is tailored to show authenticity and individuality.

Annemieke's dedication to her craft has earned her several prestigious awards, including The Independent Photographer of the Year Award, The Guardian Media Award, and two London Photography Portrait Awards. These accolades are a testament to her skill and commitment to capturing the true essence of her subjects.

As we look forward to her event at CoWorking Devon on June 15th, Annemieke invites anyone interested in discussing ideas or inquiries to reach out through her website,

See Annemieke's next event hosted with us on Saturday 15th June.


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