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Virtual Offices as a Solution for Compliance and Growth

Adapting to New Regulations: Virtual Offices as a Solution for Compliance and Growth

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We look to virtual offices as a solution for Compliance and Growth

Earlier this year in March In 2024, significant changes in UK business regulations required companies to provide a physical, publicly accessible address for official correspondence. For freelancers and small business owners at CoWorking Devon in Buckfastleigh near Totnes, this requirement can be daunting.

Our virtual office package offers an ideal solution, providing the benefits of a physical office—such as a professional address and mail handling services—without the high costs.

Our Package

Starting this month, CoWorking Devon is excited to offer a virtual office package at an affordable £25 per month on a rolling subscription. This package allows you to register your business address, manage your mail and packages securely, and maintain a professional image that reassures clients. You can also list this address on your Google Business profile, enhancing your online presence.

Our virtual office service includes the flexibility to access your mail and packages anytime from 9 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday. This ensures that you can stay on top of important correspondence and maintain a professional front, even without a physical office space.

Embracing virtual offices not only ensures compliance but also offers numerous benefits. Virtual offices provide geographic flexibility, allowing businesses to establish a presence in key locations like Buckfastleigh, Totnes, Dartington, and more, without traditional office leases.

With remote work becoming more prevalent, a virtual office supports this trend by enabling employees to work from anywhere while maintaining a professional image. This flexibility can help attract top talent and enable rapid scaling.

A virtual office also enhances brand credibility. A well-known address can lend legitimacy to your business, boosting confidence among clients and investors.

Key Features of Our Virtual Office Package:

  • Professional Business Address: Enhance your business credibility with a registered address.

  • Mail and Package Handling: Securely receive and store your business mail and packages.

  • Client Reassurance: A professional address provides confidence to your clients.

  • Flexible Access: Drop in any time during office hours to collect your mail.

  • Month-to-Month Contract: Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month contract, with the option to extend or end your contract with 30 days' notice.

  • Annual Payment Discount: Opt for an annual payment and receive a 15% discount.

How it works?

To set up your virtual office address in Buckfastleigh, we require proof of identity (such as a passport or driving license), your registered business address, your personal address, and incorporation documents. These documents are required from all shareholders of the business, or just you if you are a sole trader.

Once we’ve verified your ID documents, your new virtual address can be live the same day, often within a couple of hours.

Changing the registered address with Companies House is a straightforward process. This can be done online via Companies House Webfiling or by completing a paper return - we'd set you up on our system and you'd deal with Companies House. DOnt worry though, we have a step-by-step to help you with this.


The new UK regulations on registered office addresses signal a move towards something new. By adopting virtual office packages at our coworking space in Buckfastleigh, businesses can comply with regulations and unlock numerous benefits, from cost savings to increased flexibility and credibility.

If you're interested in our virtual office package, please contact us today to get started.

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