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Holistic Wellness: Yoga and Nutrition, and Everything In Between.

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Welcome, wellness seekers! Today, we're introducing you to Annah Herbert, a holistic health practitioner with a passion for nurturing holistic wellbeing.

Meet Annah

Annah Herbert isn't your average yoga teacher and nutritionist - she's a powerhouse of holistic health knowledge and experience. With over a decade of experience working in the fields of yoga, nutrition and education, Annah is here to empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing.

Who’s this for?

Holistic Wellness: Yoga and Nutrition, and Everything In Between. If you recognise the importance of maintaining good health and are in need of some quality nourishment and a full mind-body recharge, Annah's workshops are perfect for you.

Whether you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lacking energy, or simply seeking to enhance your overall wellness, Annah welcomes you with open arms.

Holistic Wellness: Yoga and Nutrition, and Everything In Between

Step into one of Annah's yoga classes, and you'll feel right at home. With a gentle demeanour, Annah creates a welcoming space where everyone is encouraged to explore their own wellness journey.

Her classes are both dynamic and restorative, bringing a fusion of traditional yogic philosophy, contemporary vinyasa flow movement (linking breath with movement), practical breathing techniques and deeply restorative relaxation. From fermented foods to mindful eating, Annah's expertise covers a wide range of holistic practices, to help nourish your body from the inside out.

Embracing Nature, Embracing Wellness

For Annah, wellness is about connecting with the world around us. She's passionate about organising events in beautiful natural settings, providing the perfect backdrop for a day of movement, mindfulness, and delicious, nutritious food.

Annah’s Journey to Wellness

Annah's journey to becoming a holistic health practitioner started with a personal quest for healing. Struggling with stress and a sporting injury during her university days, she turned to yoga as a means of relaxation and recovery. Little did she know, this would spark a lifelong passion and a career dedicated to helping others find balance, inner strength and vitality.

Her experiences led her across the globe, from the studios of India to the schools of nutrition science academies. Along the way, she delved into various disciplines, including yoga and nutrition, to offer holistic solutions for modern living.

From Passion Project to Full-Time Business

After many years of offering yoga and wellbeing events as a passion project alongside other jobs, Annah recently took the leap towards working full-time as a holistic health practitioner.

This transition allows her to bring her whole self to building a vibrant, sustainable business rooted in supporting people through a range of mind-body modalities. With increased availability for workshops, collaborations, and community engagement, Annah is excited to embark on this new chapter of her journey. 

Where to Find Annah

Annah is based in Exeter, Devon, where she offers regular classes, workshops, and bespoke events. You can connect with Annah through:

Annah Herbert Nourish Day Retreat advert

Ready to Nourish Your Soul? Sign Up Now!

Don't miss out on Annah's upcoming Re:Nourish Day retreat on May 19th at Coworking Devon! Visit Annah's website event page HERE to sign up today and secure your spot.


Studio Space for Hire: Bring Your Wellness Event to Life

Feeling inspired to host your own wellness event? Consider hiring the studio space at CoWorking Devon. With its cozy atmosphere and convenient location, it's the perfect venue for yoga retreats, workshops, and more. Get in touch with CoWorking Devon to learn more about studio hire options.

Your wellness journey starts here - join Annah Herbert and CoWorking Devon in nurturing your mind, body, and soul!

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