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Lunch & Learn! See your Next Business Customers Revealed, using the Power of LinkedIn

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

As if by magic, see your ideal prospects appear, one-by-one, page-by-page, using the laser focus of LinkedIn.

The world’s #1 business networking platform and regarded as a major recruitment platform, few are yet aware of LinkedIn’s business-generating potential.

Join Sarah as she shows you live, the 30 filters that pinpoint your ideal customers, even if you don’t yet know who they are.

Gain knowledge, find support and grow your network with Sarah's expertise through our 45-min Lunch & Learn at 12.30pm on 16th February at our CoWorking Devon studio.

Name: Sarah Hughes
Title: The B2B Marketing Expert and Founder
Business: Boost Business Growth
Founder bio:

"Regarded as The B2B Marketing Expert, my passion is providing business owners and directors with focus, sales, profit.

An award-winning marketer, I blend strategy with sales psychology and a creative approach to help you stand out and achieve what you want and need.

Global companies, such as SUEZ, and organisations such as Leicestershire County Council, through to solopreneurs, choose me to advise them on sales, marketing and social selling.

A particular specialism is how to leverage the world’s #1 professional networking platform, LinkedIn, so you experience the thrill of your ideal prospects messaging you without other marketing or even a database.

I’m very much into personal development (I’m an Audible and workshop junkie!), make mosaics (craft is the new black!) and am an Earl Grey tea enthusiast.

Living in the Bohemian mecca that is Totnes, I love creativity and live music.

With a passion for travel, I spent 3 months last year creating a digital nomad experiment, visiting 5 islands and having incredible adventures."

How do you reach Sarah?

Visit my LinkedIn profile at and connect with me

Free resources also available at:

For more information on our CoWorking Devon spaces, or if you'd like to host a Lunch & Learn, please get in touch with us today here.

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