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Employees need coworking spaces!

lobby entrance of coworking devon showing view to space

Introduction to Employees need coworking:

As remote work becomes increasingly common, finding the right workspace is crucial for maintaining productivity and focus. Coworking Devon offers flexible office spaces tailored to the needs of remote employees and the employers who support them.

Key Features and Benefits:

At Coworking Devon, we provide more than just a desk. Here’s how our coworking spaces can support remote workers and their employers:

  • Single Desks and Dedicated Desks: Flexible options for employees who need a quiet, professional workspace.

  • Private Office Spaces and Conference Rooms: Ideal for private work or team meetings, ensuring a professional setting.

  • Weekend Studio Rentals: Flexibility to accommodate different work schedules, including weekend access.

  • Full Kitchen Facilities and Dining Space: Convenience for preparing meals and socialising with other professionals.

  • Free Parking and High-Speed Internet: Ensure hassle-free access and top-notch connectivity to keep employees productive.

  • Dog-Friendly Environment: Allow employees to bring their well-behaved dogs, making the workspace feel more like home.

Example Story:

Meet Pete, a PR professional with a small family at home. While Pete enjoys the flexibility of working remotely, his home environment on Dartmoor isn’t always conducive to productivity. His employers are based in London, but Pete's flexible working arrangement means he works full-time from home. That’s when he discovered CoWorking Devon and with the support of his employers, he soon joined us.

Pete signed up for an ongoing unlimited plan, allowing him to come in as and when he needs. This flexible approach helps him maintain a professional work routine without the distractions of home life. Because Pete is on an unlimited subscription plan, he can pick and choose to do half-day slots without wasting money paying for a full day. Coworking Devon liaised directly with Pete's employers, handling all the account setup needed. This seamless process ensured Pete could quickly start working in a professional, distraction-free environment that boosts his productivity and keeps him connected to his team in London.

Supporting Mental Health and Flexibility:

In today's work culture, employers are increasingly prioritising mental health and well-being. Providing flexible options like coworking spaces in Devon is a practical way to support employees needing that focus. By offering Coworking Devon as a workspace option, employers can help their remote workers maintain a healthy work-life balance, stay productive, and feel supported.

Promotional Offer:

For any employer looking to book a 6-12 months' worth of plans, we'll offer a 10% discount on any 4-day or unlimited plan. This special offer makes it even more affordable to provide your remote team with a reliable coworking space. Operating Hours: We open from 8:45 AM to 5:30 PM, ensuring you’re ready for those 9 AM calls and can maximise your workday in a professional setting.

Themes and Messages:

  • Support for Employees: Provide a professional and focused work environment that helps employees stay productive and engaged.

  • Reliable Workspace for Employers: Ensure your remote team has access to a reliable coworking space that supports their work needs, fostering productivity and satisfaction.

  • Mental Health and Flexibility: Employers can enhance employee well-being by offering flexible coworking options that support mental health and work-life balance.

  • Flexible Plans for Remote Workers: Our range of plans and spaces cater to different needs and schedules, making it easy for employees to find the right fit.


Experience the benefits of a dedicated coworking space designed for remote work productivity. Contact CoWorking Devon today to discuss our pricing plans and discover how we can support your team’s success.

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