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A Day with Gina Winter: Somatic movement, yoga, and breathwork.

photo of the hired space at coworking Devon

At CoWorking Devon, we're always thrilled to host inspiring individuals who bring their expertise to our studio space. One such entrepreneur  is Gina Winter, a somatic coach, yoga teacher, and mental health practitioner, with over a decade of experience in guiding individuals towards holistic well-being.

Getting to Know Gina

With a profound understanding of mental health, yoga, breathwork, and somatic practices, Gina brings a wealth of knowledge to her workshops. Having studied extensively and practised in various locations including Florida and Santa Barbara, Gina's journey has been marked by a commitment to understanding the intricate connections between the mind and body.

"This workshop is a safe space to explore the felt sense, supporting each individual to consciously connect with all that shows up and their entire being. We'll delve into somatic movement, yoga, and breathwork to understand the connection between our thoughts, emotions, and actions, enhancing growth and balance through focusing practice. Compassionately caring for oneself while gently accepting what is and letting go of anything that no longer serves us, ensuring this is a day that encourages transformation.”

Connecting with Gina's Vision

Gina's vision for her workshops is deeply rooted in creating transformative experiences for participants. Her mission is to empower individuals to embrace their feelings, release stored emotions and trauma, and achieve balance in their lives. By offering personalised sessions and group workshops, Gina provides a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and growth.

Collaborating at CoWorking Devon

CoWorking Devon is delighted to collaborate with Gina, providing the perfect space for her transformative workshops. Our studio serves as a hub for creativity, learning, and connection, aligning perfectly with Gina's values of openness, authenticity, compassion, and acceptance. We believe that Gina's expertise and the immersive experience she offers will greatly benefit our members, providing them with valuable tools to enhance their overall well-being. For more info, see

Join Us for Gina's Event

We invite you to join us for Gina’s upcoming event at CoWorking Devon. Experience a day dedicated to unlocking inner peace, guided by Gina's expertise and passion for holistic well-being. Whether you're seeking relaxation, personal insights, or simply a moment of tranquillity, Gina's workshop promises to deliver a transformative experience.

Stay Connected

For more information about Gina and her upcoming events, visit Gina's Event listing or reach out via email at

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