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Spotlight on Karin Paish: Embracing the Divine Through Pure Presence

photo of Karin the host of the event at CoWorking Devon

At CoWorking Devon in Buckfastleigh, we're excited to introduce Karin Paish, a Nature Mystic, Spiritual Scientist, and Seer. Karin is a qualified Somatic Coach, an initiated Andean Paquo, a Kundalini yoga teacher, a student and wisdom carrier of the Egyptian mysteries, and a modern-day Templar and temple guardian. Her extensive and diverse background has uniquely positioned her to offer transformative experiences through her coaching and workshops.

Embracing the Divine. In this event, Karin offers a taster of 'Pure Presence Coaching' by introducing participants to the Divine Feminine codes of the Myrrhophore. On June 22nd and 23rd, CoWorking Devon will host a weekend pop-up temple devoted to the divine feminine blueprint of the Myrrhbearer, exclusive to the first 30 registrants. During this immersive experience, attendees will enjoy a variety of supportive somatic, sensual, and movement-based processes designed to help them step away from identity constructs and enter into presence with the divine feminine archetypes of the Myrrhophore. You can sign up for this unique event at

Participants will engage in embodiment practices such as Somatics, Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, and Guided Visualisation. They will experience sacred space and nature reciprocity rituals, including Indigenous Nature Mysticism, Sacred Spaceholding, an introduction to the anointing oils of the Myrrhophore, Sacred Geometry, and Mantra. The event will also feature moments of sacred silence, sitting meditation, and nature contemplation for mindfulness and meditation. Additionally, there will be opportunities for community and connection, including sharing food and meeting like-minded people in comfortable surroundings at the end of Saturday.

Karin's business is dedicated to helping individuals reconnect to a more expanded expression of themselves through “Pure Presence Coaching.” This coaching practice is grounded in somatics, quantum physics, and nature mysticism traditions, with a special focus on the Myrrhophore priestesses of Ancient Egypt. "I teach people about how their bodies and minds are remarkable instruments of the quantum field," Karin explains. She supports her clients in mindfully engaging with the power of the field through various tools and techniques, cultivating the power of 'pure presence' within the present moment.

Based in South Hams, Totnes, Chillington, London, and online, Karin's reach is extensive. Her target audience includes individuals on a high-level mastery path, though anyone with an open mind and interest in non-duality will benefit from her coaching and events. Karin connects with her audience through her mailing list, WhatsApp, and increasingly via social media channels.

Karin has been organising larger workshops for about a year, driven by the desire to spread her message and the enjoyment of working with groups. Her journey into metaphysics spans over 30 years, during which she has delved into the shamanic heritage of her ancestral bloodlines and gained insights into the quantum nature of reality and the human condition's metaphysical nuances.

Looking ahead, Karin envisions offering these transformative events to a wider audience. She believes in the life-changing power of the metaphysical tools of the ancient priestesses and wants more people to benefit from these teachings. 

"I want to empower people to live meaningful, connected, abundant lives and to be masters of their destiny"

Empowerment, love, self-care, sovereignty, interconnectedness, courage, creativity, and self-responsibility are the core values that Karin prioritises in her business. These values influence her interactions with clients as she encourages them to understand the greater matrix of life and realise that they are not victims but can control their destinies. Through the practice of pure presence, Karin helps people claim this level of self-mastery step by step.

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Karin's business. She plans to launch various coaching and mentoring programs at the end of the summer and has a new rentable space called “The Myrrhmaids Cave.”

For more details on her upcoming events, visit her landing page at, built by JDC. Interested individuals can register for her next event on June 22nd and 23rd through the site.

Karin's extensive background and commitment to her clients' personal growth make her a valuable guide in the journey toward self-mastery and spiritual connection. We are honoured to host her at CoWorking Devon and look forward to the transformative experiences she will bring. We hope to see you there!

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