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Terms & Conditions Policy

Find our policy below



1. Booking Procedure:
Before formal written approval is given, renters must sign this rental contract as laid out below which outlines the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Please note, that until this contract is signed, the booking cannot be confirmed.


2. Rental Fees and Payment:
Rental Rates:
One-Day Studio Pass: £125.00 
Two-Day Studio Pass: £240.00 


3. Cancellation Policy
100% refund on 12 weeks  or more notice.

75% refund on  8-11 weeks notice.

If cancellation notice is given 8 weeks or less there will be no refund.


4. Studio Usage:
Permitted Activities: On receipt of your rental enquiry, we shall confirm the suitability of the space for your arranged activity. Please note we are within our rights to turn away any rental enquiry that we do not feel is appropriate for the CoWorking Devon space. 

Capacity: We have capacity for 50 people at a standing event. If you require use of the space in a different way (using desks/tables or yoga/physical activity) please get in touch before signing this agreement for confirmed capacity for your activity. 


5. Access and Hours:
The one-day studio pass offers you access for 24hours - 6pm until 6pm the following day. The two-day studio pass offers you access for 48 hours - 6pm Friday until 6pm on Sunday. If specific times are needed please have this confirmed.

The rental space must be clear by 6pm unless discussed in advance to allow the next rental to be available.

6. Closing Time and Responsibilities:

  • The studio space is to be vacated promptly by 5:30 PM. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure their departure by this time.

  • ⁠To facilitate a smooth handover for the next booking, renters are required to complete their setup, clear the space, and secure the premises by 5:30 PM. This includes closing blinds and ensuring all entry points are properly locked.

  • Any extensions beyond the closing time must be pre-approved and communicated with the management. Failure to adhere to the closing time may result in additional charges or adjustments to future bookings.

  • Access to the studio for the following day's bookings by other members will commence at 6:00 PM. It is essential that the space is vacated and ready for the next booking by this time.

This policy aims to maintain a consistent and efficient schedule for all renters, allowing for a seamless transition, timely setup for subsequent bookings, and access for the next day's bookings. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


7. Insurance:
Liability Insurance:

Renters must provide proof of liability insurance covering their event and indemnifying the studio from any liabilities. We shall need to see this before the space can be used and must be in the same name as you and/or the company you own.


8. Rules and Regulations:
There is no access to the private offices off from the main space, please ensure this is respected by everyone in your group. 

It is the responsibility of the rental contact to ensure that guests and helpers know what is expected of them. All communal areas, including the kitchen, must be tidied and left clean. We will include a checklist to ensure all cleaning and shutdown tasks are completed. 

An extra cleaning charge may be levied on the hirer if the premises are left in an unacceptable state. Please notify CoWorking Devon by email if there have been any damages or breakages.


9. Cleanup and Return of Studio:
We require the office to be returned to us as it was provided, and all cleanup and shutdown tasks written in the welcome pack ticked off. We will arrange to meet you after the end of your rental period to lock up. 


10. Communication:
If you have any queries during your rental period or prior to this beginning, please do not hesitate to email Jack via or call/WhatsApp on 07412 157857.



For desk rental subscriptions, the terms are as follows:

1. We require all desks to be booked in advance to guarantee your space. Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice will require full payment/use of credit for any coworkers. Rather than cancelling, you can simply reschedule the booking through your booking dashboard.

2. If you have any queries during your rental period or prior to this beginning, please do not hesitate to email Jack via or call/WhatsApp on 07412 157857.

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