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Tue, 23 Jan



CoWalk - Hembury Woods

CoWalk - Hembury Woods
CoWalk - Hembury Woods

Time & Location

23 Jan 2024, 12:30 – 13:30

Buckfastleigh, Unnamed Rd, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0EL, UK

Whos coming?

About the Event

Hey, nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts! 

Imagine strolling through a place where ancient woodlands meet the serene vibes of the River Dart. Welcome to the magic of Hembury Woods in Buckfast – a hidden gem that's like a nature-infused stroll through a storybook!

Hembury Woods: A Walk in the Wild Side:

Step into a scene straight out of a fairytale – Hembury Woods is where it's at! These ancient woods in Buckfast have seen their fair share of history, and now they're ready to take you on a chilled-out journey. Explore the trails, breathe in the woodland air, and let the River Dart serenade you as you amble through the heart of nature.

Adventure Awaits - Take a Hike!

Lace-up those walking shoes because Hembury Woods is a haven for wanderers. Trails wind through the greenery, offering a mix of shaded pathways and sunlit clearings. It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but the only choice is how many Instagram-worthy pics you want to snap.

Wrap it Up:

So there you have it – Hembury Woods in Buckfast, the ultimate nature stroll that's both a retreat and an adventure. Whether you're into history vibes, scenic hikes, or just soaking in the tranquility, Hembury Woods delivers the perfect blend of nature and relaxation. Grab your sense of wanderlust and get ready to escape into the enchanting embrace of Buckfast's Hembury Woods. 🌳🍃

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