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From Vision to Reality - Stephanie grows her yoga business

In the heart of Plymouth, Stephanie, the founder of Strength & Grace Yoga, is on a transformative journey to bring tranquillity and balance to her community through yoga, meditation, sound bath healing, and restoration. Her story is not just about a day but a series of moments that unfolded seamlessly, leading to the eager anticipation of her first workshop on the 3rd of March.

Stephanie's venture began with group yoga classes in Plymouth, where she shared her passion for well-being with a growing community. Seeking to expand her horizons, she took the bold step of exploring CoWorking Devon for a potential space to elevate her yoga sessions, and ultimately her business. The studio's warm and inviting atmosphere and views over the River Dart resonated with Stephanie, prompting her to book a Saturday in January for a test run where she could prepare a photoshoot, do workshop test runs, and build content creation for her upcoming venture.

Stephanie running her yoga workshop test run

The experience at CoWorking Devon showcased Stephanie's commitment. The well crafted schedule, focussing on kindness, compassion, and love, seamlessly unfolded as preparations for the upcoming workshop took shape. Stephanie's expertise shone through as she envisioned a few selected individuals coming together to help put together marketing material for the yoga session, photography and the day tests. This exclusive group participated in the first test run workshop, providing valuable insights and feedback that Stephanie could then grow from.

The success of the day was not just in the experience but in the tangible outcomes. The photos captured during the event became the focal point of Stephanie's new landing page, a visual representation of the immersive and uplifting workshops she envisions to hold within this space. A few weeks later, she launched a 6-hour workshop for up to 17 people on the 3rd of March, and the response was extraordinary—it sold out almost instantly, building anticipation for the transformative experience awaiting attendees.

A small test run session of yoga in the studio space

Stephanie's journey is a true testament to the power of taking the plunge and pursuing her passion. Her decision to utilise the Studio space at CoWorking Devon for her workshops has proven to be a catalyst for success. Looking ahead, Stephanie envisions a future of regularly booking the studio space to continue sharing the transformative experience of Strength & Grace Yoga with a growing audience.

Stephanie's story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts alike. It highlights the importance of seizing opportunities, taking risks, and embracing the journey of turning a vision into a reality. Strength & Grace Yoga is not just a business; it's a community-driven endeavour that embodies the strength and grace Stephanie brings to each workshop, leaving a lasting impact on all who participate. The story continues to unfold, and the anticipation is high for the uplifting workshop on the 3rd of March.

Stephanie posing for her yoga session intro

What did Stephanie say about CoWorking Devon?

"Wonderful space to hire for a weekend event, or photoshoot. Stunning location, venue has everything you need. Jack could not do enough to help make sure we had everything we needed to make sure the day ran smoothly! Would 100% recommend using this space whether it’s a weekend hire or co-working space."


Discover more about how grows her yoga business and stay updated on upcoming events by following Strength & Grace Yoga on Instagram. Your support means the world to Stephanie – join the community for the latest updates and event details!

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